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All images are printed on deep matte paper, giving each photograph an elegant & smooth, non-reflective surface

Little White House

This photograph is one of my favorites. It was taken while I was in a moving van, driving through the Highlands in Scotland. I was lucky enough to capture this little white house with the incredible mountain in the background. What a moment! This photograph is perfect for any room or setting to give it that special monumental touch.

Glencoe Mountain

The mountains in Glencoe Scotland are quite something, words can't describe how massive they really are. I pulled over to take this photograph with so many others that needed to capture the mountain as well. All of us were in awe. The colors and textures of this photograph would give any room or setting a detail of beautiful warmth.

At the Sea

Who doesn't love photographs of the sea? The water in this photograph gives the viewer a sense of calm, and the tones and textures can give any room that element it really needs with its refreshing colors.

Urquhart Castle

Urquhart Castle is quite famous, settled on Loch Ness of Scotland and of course known for the 'Loch Ness Monster' swimming in the waters near this castle. The photograph is perfect for any fan of history but also those who love a warm, misty scene. Can you see Nessie swimming in those waters?

Culloden Battlefield

This photograph is perfect for history lovers, especially when it comes to the famous Jacobites in Scotland. In 1746, this is where the Jacobite army fought in the battlefield of Culloden. When I stopped to take this shot, it didn't seem real. Even with so many others around, there was no noise at all, only the light and the wind. A powerful photograph to display for all viewers who appreciate a majestic scene.

Highland Air

Anywhere you go in the Highlands of Scotland, you come across mountains and a beautiful scene like this. This photograph can really give any room or setting a touch of warmth with that extra atmosphere of elegant colors.

Culloden House

The Culloden House sits close to the Culloden Battlefield. The photograph is perfect for any fan of history but also those who love a warm, misty scene with a little charming house in the center.


The Badlands are located in South Dakota, a type of arid terrain with clay-rich soil that has been extensively eroded by wind and water. The warmth, textures and scene can give any room a sense of wonder and serenity.

Ferns that Burn

This photograph was taken at Flume Gorge in Lincoln, NH. I was walking through this beautiful park when I noticed these ferns against the rocks. I thought the warm colors from the rock under the vibrant green ferns was just lovely and had to photograph it. These warm colors and textures can add a lovely addition to any room or setting.

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What kind of paper is used for the prints?

All images are printed on quality deep matte paper, giving each photograph an elegant & smooth, non-reflective surface.

What sizes of prints are available?

All prints come in 8x10 in, 11x14 in, and 16x20 in.

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My Etsy site is a print shop only, so no downloads are available.

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